Saturday, July 7, 2007

Updates to our sister sites

By Faith Chatham - July 7, 2007
DFW REGIONAL CONCERNED CITIZENS publishes several related sites. In addition to our main page where readers can sign up to receive action alerts, we also publish several other sites.

ABOUT AIR AND WATER focuses on the environment. We post articles about gas drilling, pipelines, and water contamination, air quality, TXU buyout and other environmental issues. In the sidebar, we have links to sources for solar street lights, real time air quality readings including Current Ozone
for the DFW Region, Hourly Air Pollutant and Water Pollutant Data, Airborne Particles (Smoke, soot, dust), Air Pollulant Watch List, and Air Quality Alert Data. There are links to websites of environmental groups where readers can get involved, Environmental Advocacy Groups in the NCTCOG region, and Water Conservation Districts Websites, If you know of websites which should be listed, please send the link to us at

Most of the information on About Air and Water is activist-oriented. However we do post stories about events and entertainment including an article on the UTA Planetarium and links to games. We include links to interesting environmental sites. Resource links range from suppliers who allow you to rent solar panels to household tips for living green.

Articles are archived monthly. Visitors can read and print archived artices and search for them by keyword (or label/tags)

TEXAS RAIL is one of our newer blogs. We post content about rail relocation, schedules for the Fort Worth T, Trinity Rail Express, DART and links to Amtrak, schedules of meetings pertaining to rail services in Texas. We concentrate on the 16 County NCTCOG region but post content about rail in all areas of the state of Texas.

This site contains activist information but also contains lots of entertainment links of interest to rail enthusiasts. Content on the site is archived monthly. Archived posts can be read and printed. The site can be searched to topic, tag/label.

Our newest site is People Profit Power - Healthcare & Insurance or PPPHI. This site focuses on healthcare and insurance. In the sidebar we post links to social service resources in the NCTCOG region, helpful insurance informational links and other resources. On this site we focus on access to healthcare, insurance and governmental policy.

NEW TEXAS LAWS is an informational site. Many of the activists in the DFWRCC network have followed numerous bills through the 80th Texas Legislature. NEW TEXAS LAWS is a site where we can check on the language of a bill once it has been signed into law or became law without the governor's signature.

Grassroots News U Can Use is our oldest site. However, we only began listing it on search engines last month. For about a year it was used to post articles on the Trans Texas Corridor and candidates campaign diaries. Usually these posts were linked to articles in other blogs. Last month we began using Grassroots as a companion site to DFW REGIONAL CONCERNED CITIZENS. Content on DFWRCC focuses mainly on ethics and highway transportation. Grassroots News U Can Use contains content which amplifies transportation/ethics in government activism.

The Arlington Texan is a hometown portal for several of the founders of DFW RCC. It is an entertainment portal which allows us to post information to assist citizens of Arlington, Texas in learning of meetings and resources and information for participating in the environmental/ governmental process in Arlington. The media market is very fragmented in the DFW Metroplex. No one newspaper or television station reaches a majority of the citizens of Arlington. The "shelf life" of television broadcasts and newspaper stories is very short. The Arlington Texan is our attempt to keep some important content available longer to the citizens of Arlington. In the near future we will be adding new columnists on this site.

HUMAN IN TEXAS is DFW RCC co-founder Steve Blair's site. Steve is an environmentalist and policy analyst who has written on environmental and governmental issues for many years. Steve has collaborated on much of the research which has been posted on various sites by Faith Chatham during the past 2 years. He is one of several people who function as a "think tank" within the DFW RCC community.

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Content is being archived weekly. Many pertinent articles regarding Transportation in the DFW Region are in the archives.

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The Opnions On this Site are Diverse

DFW Regional Concerned Citizens attempts to examine issues from all directions. When a story says "By Faith Chatham" it contains my viewpoint. When it is by others, but posted by Faith Chatham, it is from someone else's viewpoint. When I discover contents which is on topic for this site, I frequently link to other sites. Usually those sites contain content which differs from my viewpoint (and frequently that of other members of DFW-RCC).