Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Action Alert: Stimulus money should not be used for toll roads and bridges

By Faith Chatham - DFWRCC - Feb. 25, 2009
Lack of funding was the basis used for planning state and federal roads and bridges as toll roads. The Federal Stimulus funding targets infrastructure. Those projects which are planned are most likely to be funded through Stimulus funds. Texas Legislators, US Senators and Congress persons, the Governor and Lt. Governor and President Obama need to hear from you. Let them understand that STIMULUS MONEY SHOULD NOT BE USED ON TOLL PROJECTS OR PRIVATE PUBLIC PARTNERSHIP HIGHWAY PROJECTS.

If we do not speak out now, we'll pay gas tax, pay tolls and pay back the stimulus money. We'll face TRIPLE TAXATION if we don't demand that project planned as toll projects be revised to non toll roads and bridges.

Please take this opportunity to demand what is best for you, your neighbors, and future generations.

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