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By Faith Chatham - DFWRCC- Oct. 21, 2008

DFWRCC rarely endorses candidates. However this year all three co-founders of DFWRCC voted to endorse three candidates. These individuals have been selected because of their comprehension of the complexities of public private partnership toll roads and the averse impact these project will have in the near future and for years in the future to the North Texas economy.

In Tarrant County, civic activist Jerry Lee Phillips is challenging Gary Fickes for County Commissioner. The northern part of Tarrant County suffers from discrimination by TxDOT and transportation planners at the RTC in appropriating their fair share of gas tax dollars and other public transporation financing to keeping pace with the escalation of population in that region. One of the newer members of the Tarrant County Commissioners' Court, Mr. Fickes understands the importance of combatting gridlock, but has not fought vigorously to demand cost effective public solutions to that region's transportation needs. We endorse challenger Jerry Lee Phillips because he grasps the impact of State and Tarrant County officials decisions to abandon traditional infrastructure financing for the more costly tolled alternatives.

The tolled HOV expansion of existing roads in that region will not solve the transportation problems confronting that district. The current plans are merely a bandaide -- and a very costly one to the pocketbooks of citizens who depend on state highways for commuting. Jerry Lee Phillips is one of the more intelligent candidates who has run for the Tarrant County Commissioners Court in decades. He brings business skill, educational training, and a solid grasp of public administration. He is not a "court house insider" and brings a fresh perspective to county administration. He will demand more accountability by the JPS Hospital system. Jerry Lee Phillips says: “It’s time that tough questions be asked in relationship to the stewardship of taxpayer dollars. The Commissioners Court must seize the moment and ask why JPS executives are getting richer while JPS hospital staff are underpaid in relation to their dedication to patient care. Why are JPS executives getting richer while JPS hospital is in desperate need of upgrades and refurbishing?”

Jerry Lee Phillips is running one of the more vigorous challenger campaigns for public office in the DFW metroplex.

He is a sound voice who will represent residents of the district in confronting "the good ole boy engrained and entrenched fraternity" of contractors, road planners and bought and paid for politicans.


Attorney Rain Mimms is challenging Senator John Carona for Texas Senate Seat 16. Senator Carona, as chair of the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee, allowed citizens to speak out against the Trans Texas Corridor. Without his support, it would have been much more difficult for Texans to confront the powerful Texas Transportation Commission and TxDOT. However, he did not act to defeat the exemption on the 2-year moratorium on toll roads in the DFW metroplex. Like most incumbents, he caved to Governor Perry when the "going got really tough."

His involvement with home mortgages during the financial crisis creates conflicts of interest.

Rain Mimms brings an intelligent, responsive, educated alternative for State Senate District Voters. With a few exceptions (such as Senator Lois Kolkhorst and Senator Florence Shapiro) Republican incubent Texas Senators from this region refused to represent the people's best interest by rejecting the market value priced public private toll state highway give-away promoted by Rick Perry and his Texas Transportation Commission. Some incumbent Democrats joined with Perry in the great Texas infrastructure give-away and deserve to be booted out of the Senate also. In this region, the race where there is a highly qualified challenger who sincerely represents the welfare of ordinary working men and women in this district and state is Senate District 16.

Senator Carona deserves to be thanked for the postive things he has brought to this State. Rain Mimms deserves the opportunity to serve the people. We urge voters in Senate District 16 to vote for challenger Rain Mimms.


Tom Love is challenging incumbent Representative Kenny Marchant for U.S. House seat 24. Rep. Marchant, low on the house senority list, is tired and discouraged. He has written few bills and gotten little accomplished. His staff has not been exceptional in serving his constituents. At best, his tenure in the house can only be described as lack-luster. Rep. Marchant's "No" vote on regulating the sub-prime mortage industry contributed to the current financial melt-down. In 2007 he voted against allowing stockholder to vote on executive compensation. He voted "no" on protecting whistleblowers from employer recrimination.

Rep. Marchant has not supported mass transit despite this region's poor air quality and transportation gridlock. In 2006 he voted "no" on adding $214M to $900M AMTRAK to bring it up to previous year's funding.

In 2005 he voted "yes" on implementing CAFTA (Central American Free Trade). He also voted to make the Patriot Act permanent.

On healthcare, Rep. Marchant voted "no" on adding 2 to 4 million children to the SCHIP eligibility and voted "no" on requiring negotation for prescription prices on Medicare Part D.

Tom Love differs with Senator Marchant on all these votes. It is time to give another Texan opportunity to serve in the U.S. Congress.

All three founders of DFWRCC know challenger Tom Love. We know that his campaign rhetoric about representing the ordinary working man and woman is genuine. We know that his support for Universal Health Care predates his declaration for office. He is passionate about combating the trend of moving American manufacturing offshore. He will fight to reverse policies which reward companies for registering their businesses in off-shore tax sheltered corporations.

Tom Love also understand the negative impact of tolling public highways. He will fight to bring adequate funding to the DFW Region so that we can maintain existing federally funded highways and bridges and expand capacity without tolls. We urge voters to give Tom Love opportunity to serve them in the U.S. Congress.

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