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Environmental Stewardship - Bush Administration lists Trinity Parkway as Priority!

From US Federal Government Websites
President Bush issued Executive Order 13274 on September 18, 2002 to enhance environmental stewardship and streamline the decision-making process in connection with major transportation projects. Visit the Environmental Stewardship and Transportation Infrastructure Project Reviews web site to find out more about the implementation of Executive Order 13274.

Department of Transportation Priority Project List
1. Interstate 5 North Coast - California. The I-5 North Coast Project will construct additional general-purpose lanes, a HOV/Managed Lane facility, and operational improvements on I-5 from San Diego to Oceanside. In addition to those 26 miles of improvements, the project also will include a two-mile segment of Interstate 805 in San Diego.

2. Route 11 Extension - Connecticut. This project will complete the Route 11 freeway, a distance of 8.5 miles. The project will extend the freeway from Salem to Interstate 95 in East Lyme/Waterford. The construction of Route 11 started in the 1970s, but a lack of funding prevented its completion. The project was reinitiated in 1997.

3. US Route 411 Connector - Georgia. The purpose of the proposed US 411 Connector is to improve connectivity by providing a more direct link between US 411 and I-75. The project will separate through traffic from locally generated traffic, reducing congestion in the corridor. US 411 is a critical link in Georgia's portion of the Atlanta to Memphis Highway.

4. Interstate Highway 66 - Kentucky. The proposed project is a segment of the TransAmerica Corridor (Future I-66) extending from KY 80 east of Somerset, to I-75 near London, Kentucky. When completed, I-66 will improve accessibility throughout southern Kentucky to jobs, industry, urban centers, educational facilities, tourism and recreational facilities.

5. US 93 corridor - Montana. The Montana US 93 corridor is roughly 288 miles long and approximately 26-30 projects are at various stages of development throughout its length. The project is important to the transportation needs of the northern Rocky Mountain region.

6. Philadelphia International Airport Improvements - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This project consists of major airfield improvements at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) through the construction of new runways and related taxiways. PHL is a major east coast airport and has substantial capacity needs. To accommodate those capacity needs, the airport proposes to add a runway.

7. Interstate 69 (I-69) Corridor - Texas. This is a major grouping of projects - on the entire length of I-69 in Texas, representing 13 Environmental Impact Statements based on a FHWA decision to break I-69 Texas Corridor into 13 Segments of Independent Utility (SIU). Despite a high level of coordination and cooperation to date, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is concerned about Federal agency future positions on pre-NEPA decisions and on how to address cumulative and indirect environmental impacts.

8. Trinity River Parkway - Texas. The Trinity Parkway project is a new ten-mile road along the Trinity River corridor. The purpose of the project is to relieve serious congestion on I-35, I-30, and other major transportation facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Trinity River Parkway - Dallas, Texas
The Trinity Parkway project is a proposed ten-mile, six-lane, controlled-access toll road along the Trinity River corridor. The purpose of the project is to relieve serious congestion on I-35, I-30, and other major transportation facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Various alignments are being considered for the Parkway, which would include 10 miles of roadway, one main lane toll plaza, 14 ramp toll plazas, and multiple interchanges. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is also conducting a study of potential multipurpose projects in the immediate vicinity of the proposed Parkway, including ecosystem restoration, flood damage reduction, and recreation development. The Army Corps of Engineers and the North Texas Toll Authority, the sponsors of the Trinity Parkway project, are coordinating their studies.

For more information, please visit the project website.

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