Sunday, May 27, 2007

Who held the line in the Texas House against Perry's demands

Who held the line in the House and didn't cave to Perry
By Faith Chatham
These are the House Members who refused to accept a butchered moratorium bill. Without Amendment 13 guaranteeing that the TTC stayed in the moratorium, there was no point in passing the bill. With Perry's demands that MARKET VALUATION be applied to Texas Transportation projects, SB 792 had more disadvantages to the public than advantages. These Representatives stood firm against Perry and refused to vote to pass SB 792.

14 Democrats and 5 Republicans held the line.

From the NCTCOG - DFW area 6 voted against Perry's Market Valuation Scheme
DFW NT Region - 2 Dems + 3 Republican

Burnham (DFW REGION - Fort Worth)
Veasey (DW REGION - Fort Worth

Miller (DFW REGION - Stephenville)
Paxton (DFW REGION - McKinney)
Laubenbert (DFW REGION - Rockwall)

In the ALAMO COG Region 8 voted against Perry's market valuation scheme:
San Antonio Alamo Region - 7 Dems plus 1 Republican

Castro (San Antonio)
Puente (San Antonio)
Villarreal (San Antonio)
Martinez-Fischer (San Antonio)
McClendon (San Antonio)
Leibowitz (San Antonio)

Straus (San Antonio)
Macias (Bulvedere - Comal - Kendall Counties)

In the CAPITOL COG - AUSTIN REGION 1 voted against Perry's Market Valuation scheme.
1 Democrat - No Republicans

Farias (Austin)

In the HOUSTON-GALVESTON COG Area 4 voted against Perry's Market Valuation scheme
Houston - 4 Dems no Republicans

Coleman (Houston)
Farrar (Houston)
Hernandez (Houston)
Thompson (Houston)

In the East Texas COG Area 1 voted against Perry's Market Valuation scheme.
1 Democrat No Repubicans

Frost (ET - New Boston) - a Democrat in a highly Republican district

The above analysis is based on UNCERTIFIED VOTE of the House on approval of the Senate/House conference committee version of SB 792. Senate final vote has not been posted. When certified returns are posted this will be revised to reflect any changes.

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