Sunday, May 20, 2007

Suggested letter - email to North Texas Legislators

SUBJECT LINE: RE SB 792 - HB 2268 Market Valuation requirements for public toll authorities projects in DFW region is last straw

ADDING "MARKET VALUATION" Requirements to public toll authority's public transportation projects and elimination of Amendment 13 from SB 792 are DEAL BREAKERS for the voters. We'll remember those who allow this to happen when the PEOPLE VOTE next time.
"Please INSIST that the Trans Texas Corridor unquestionably be INCLUDED in the moratorium by RETAINING Amendment 13 in SB 792! We're counting on you TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!"

The NCTCOG's RTC and many local elected officials serving on the RTC descended on Austin arguing for the DFW region (NCTCOG area) to be exempted from the 2 year moratorium. Legislators in other districts fought to keep their citizens protected. In our region we have to trust TxDOT and the RTC.

I am writing to tell you that citizens in the DFW area are upset. Allowing MARKET VALUATION to be applied to public toll authorities projects in this region is the LAST STRAW. We've are taking note and rembering the names of elected officials who sold the public out by fighting to protection citizens in the North Central Texas Region from bad CDA contracts.

Members of the RTC and local elected officials only get one vote when you run again for re-election. The people get thousands of votes. Most of the voters in this region differ with the RTC on use of surplus toll revenue to fund highway projects. Most of the voters in this region differ with TxDOT on raising toll rates higher than necessary to retire the debt and maintain the roads in order to generate billions of dollars of surplus toll revenue to use on other projects.

Citizens are outraged that the Texas Legislator has refused to seriously address Public Transportation funding problems.

We are angry that you refuse to stop diversions from transportation funds to non-transportation uses.

We are angry that instead of indexing the gas tax to keep up with inflation, you avoid addressing gas gouging and propose a temporary 20cent suspension of the gas tax. That is pandering rather than problem solving. Twenty cents a gallon for three months does not address air quality in non attainment areas. It does not help us if we are forced to pay high tolls for 675 miles of stragetic highways in the DFW area.

Applying Market Valuation to public toll authorities is the last straw. Fight for us or be prepared to face our opinions and fury when you come back to your district and ask the voters to re-elect you.


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